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diary of an entertainment junkie

Hi, my name is Adrienne, and I'm an entertainment junkie.

I'm a 24 year old fangirl who spends way too much time obsessing over entertainment, fictional characters, and cats. I'm a journalism student, and a writer. My favorite singer is Britney Spears, and my hobbies include reading, writing, music, vodka, chocolate, and hating that I still love The Vampire Diaries.

Feel free to say hi anytime! :)

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It’s always amusing when every song that comes on your ipod perfectly matches up to the fanfic you’re reading.

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PAVONI Couture Fall/Winter 2013


do you ever forget how attractive someone is until you see a new picture of them and you’re just like



When things go crazy because of pie


If Game of Thrones has taught me anything it’s Kings are fucking weak and don’t mess with a Queen

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don’t shit on people for having self confidence and being happy with their appearance like how bitter are you

A recording of the minutes of the last official gathering of the 1000% Done With Joffrey’s Shit Society